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What's inside:

- 8.5 oz hand poured candle 

- 4-inch safety matches in glass with the Constance K logo

- Sleek matte black wick trimmer

- Personalized message wrapped in a vellum jacket


Upgrade Your Candle Vibe:

- Choose your vessel: Signature White, Luxury Iridescent, or Silver

- Elevate the candle with Intention Crystals or Choice of 2 Crystals - Click Here for Crystal information. 

- Make your crystal candle a heart shaped candle


About The Serenity Gift Box:

- Pearl grey box with Constance K Logo

- Magnetic closure

- Tissue with the Constance K logo

Serenity Gift Box

PriceFrom $65.00
  • Confidence - Tiger Eye-Carnelian-Sunstone

    Communication - Aquamarine-Lapis Lazuli-Clear Quartz

    Creativity - Blue Apatite-Carnelian-Yellow Aventurine

    Grounding - Garnet-Black Agate-Red Jasper

    Healing - Amethyst-Tiger Eye-Clear Quartz

    Love - Garnet-Rose Quartz-Red Jasper

    Protection - Tiger Eye-Red Jasper-Clear-Quartz

    Prosperity - Citrine-Green Aventurine-Peridot

    Stress Relief - Amethyst-Howlite-Aquamarine

    Serenity - Amethyst-Howlite-Clear Quartz

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