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About Me

I'm Constance King, thrilled to invite you into the captivating world of Constance K Aromatic Candles and Aromatherapy.

Immersed in a childhood filled with the enchantment of creation and the enchanting allure of aromas, I've always felt a magnetic pull towards crafting experiences that are both meaningful and deeply soothing.

As the seasons of life evolved and my children embarked on their own journeys, leaving behind an empty nest, I discovered a profound truth: it's never too late to embark on a new adventure, to infuse life with beauty and purpose.


Thus began my candle making and aromatherapy, a journey brimming with possibilities and promise—a journey I'm eager to share with you. Fueled by a desire to blend my passion for aromatics with a commitment to crafting clean, nourishing products, I embarked on a transformative path.

Enrolling in The New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, I became a Certified Aromatherapist, delving deeper into the enchanting world of scent and its profound effects on well-being.


Join me as we journey together, exploring the boundless wonders of aromatherapy and the exquisite allure of clean, skin-loving creations.

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