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Delight in the serenity of Lavender Chamomile, a candle that soothes as much as it enchants. It evokes the tranquil moment when lavender fields meet chamomile blossoms under the soft twilight sky. A gentle whisper of sandalwood adds depth, creating an atmosphere of calm. This candle is like a peaceful, fragrant stroll in an evening garden.


Prominent Notes: Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood.

Lavender Chamomile

PriceFrom $28.00

    At Constance K, I believe in using only the best products for my customers. In a move away from petroleum-based paraffin waxes, that burn dirty, and soy waxes, which do not throw scent into the air efficiently, my blend of Coconut and Apricot waxes ensures a slow, clean burning candle that fills the room with my enchanting aromas. The candles burn at a lower temperature, allowing the therapeutic properties of my line of essential oil candles to remain intact. The fragrance oils used in my scented candles are phthalate free and are safe enough to use on the skin.