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A soothing combination of Amethyst, Tiger Eye, and Clear Quartz fortifies this candle, curated to support healing and wellness.


Amethyst: Provides calming energy and promotes balance.

Tiger Eye: Aids in healing self-worth and reducing anxiety.

Clear Quartz: Amplifies healing intentions and cleanses negativity.


Burn Time (Approximately):

8.5 oz - 48 Hours

12.5 oz - 72 Hours


About Our Candle:
* Propriertary blend of Coconut & Apricot Wax

* Paraben & Phthalate Free Premium Fragrances

* Crackling Wood Wick - Made in USA

* Non-toxic & Clean Burning

* Vegan
* Handpoured in Small Batches


Upgrade your experience by choosing your vessel type and displaying your crystals in a heart!

Healing Intention Candle

PriceFrom $34.00
  • First-time use:

    • Allow candle to burn until liquid wax covers the entire top and reaches the sides. This ensures a better and even performance throughout its life.

    Caring for the Wick:

    • Before relighting, trim wick 1/4" and remove loose pieces.


    • Burn candle within sight on a flat, heat resistant surface.

    • Keep away from:

      • Children and pets.
      • Flammable materials.
      • Drafts and vibrations.
    • Do not move the candle when lit

    • To ensure your candle's longevity and safety, we recommend limiting each burning session to a maximum of 4 hours. While it might be tempting to enjoy its ambiance for longer, this practice helps to maintain the candle's quality.
    • Enjoy!
  • *Eco-friendly & clean-burning wicks - made from FSC Certified Wood
    * Soothing crackle
    * Hand crafted in the USA

    Remember, the shorter the wick, the better the flame.

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