Energize your space with my Crystal Candle Collection. Candles are one of those little luxuries that we rely on to set the mood, and the semi-precious crystals within my candles  amplify the different energies of the Earth. Explore, relax, and have fun with my Crystal Candle Collection.


Amethyst - Natural stress reliever. Promotes inner strength, peace, spiritual growth, and intuition.

Clear Quartz - Crystal of clarity, raises the energy level of any other crystals it comes into contact with.


Tranquil is a beatiful fragrance blend of pink grapefruit, lemon, hints of oakmoss , and musk. This fragrance is light, clean, refreshing, and is very therapeutic.


Tranquil - Energy Crystals with Amethyst+Clear Quartz

  • At Constance K, I believe in using only the best products for my customers. In a move away from petroleum-based paraffin waxes, that burn dirty, and soy waxes, which do not throw scent into the air efficiently, my blend of Coconut and Apricot waxes ensures a slow, clean burning candle that fills the room with my enchanting aromas. The candles burn at a lower temperature, allowing the therapeutic properties of my line of essential oil candles to remain intact. The fragrance oils used in my scented candles are phthalate free and are safe enough to use on the skin.