Sugar scrubs revive and revitalize your skin by removing dead skin cells, stimulating circulation, and leaving your skin fragrant and silky smooth.


Gently message onto clean, damp skin in circular motions, rinse well. Recommended for all skin types, we do not recommend using on facial skin or open wounds. On average you can exfoliate your skin 1 - 3 times a week depending on skin type, but be sure not to over-exfoliate which can cause irritation.. 


Do not expose scrub to water, remove amount need before use to not contaminate unused scrub with water/moisture. Scrubs can cause a slippery shower, so use caution. Do not ingest and keep away from small children and pets. If you are pregnant or breast feeding seek medical advice from a health care provider before use.


Rich Nutrients: Powerful formula containing Vitamin E, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Grape-seed Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

Body Scrub - Peaceful Organic

SKU: SCB2007
  • :*Sugar, *Coconut Oil ,Cocos nucifera, *Grape-seed Oil Vitis vinifera, *Sweet Almond Oil Prunus dulcis, Vitamin E, *Honey Granules (*cane syrup & *honey) Essential Oils, *Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, *Black Frankincense Boswellia sacra. *English Chamomile Chamaemelum mobile*Organic


  • 10 oz