Arnica is most commonly used for pain caused by minor burns, osteoarthritis, surgery, brusing, and minor abrasions.  Arnica  is a natural remedy that has been safely used for hundreds of years.  Clients have asked me over the years to recommend a product that would aid them.  Arnica is always my to to remedy!


I started steeping my own Arnica in Organic Sunflower Oil.  The process takes approximatley six weeks.  Sunflower Oil is a light, non-comedogenic oil that is an excellent source of vitamin E. If you're looking for a organic, clean, arnica infused oil, this is great for you. 

Arnica Infused Sunflower Oil "Organic"

SKU: ARM5046
  • Message a few drops on the skin.  For minor burns, or abraisions soak Arnica on a gauze pad and cover, re-apply as needed.  

    Always seek advice from a healthcare professional before using.  Do not ingest, keep away from small children and pets.