7 Chakra Hindi Selenite Wand

7 Chakra Hindi Selenite Wand


Selenite is known for its ability to charge and cleanse other stones that become depleted of positive energy and/or gain negative energy. Use this wand to assist you in cleansing the Chakras. Whether you are an energy healer, or just exploring the subtle body, this selenite wand can help cleanse the energy of your chakras.

Hold this wand loosely with both of your hands as you sit for meditation. You can alternately focus on one specific chakra that you feel is blocked or holding negativity. As you engage in this visualization, selenite’s white rays will surround you and envelope your space in clear, joyful energies. 

In Hindi.



Tags: Message, Meditation, Cleansing

Stone: Selenite


  • Handmade With Semi-Precious Gem Stones

    This Stone Are made from Natural Stones so there might be a very slight variation. The gemstone sizes (thickness) may appear slightly different from the Natural Stone. It may represent an entire lot of items so the pattern you receive may vary slightly to the one you see above but the healing properties of the product remains the same.




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