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Good vibe bracelet will bring a bright and sunny good vibe feel to your spirit!


Pink Opal is a rare stone that radiates a soft soothing energy that can calm your mind, body, and spirit. 


Citrine is another powerful crystal that can bring good vibes to your mind and body.   Citrine brings a bright sunny mood to anyone who wears it.  It teaches you to put down the weight of all things that are negative and brings you into the sunlight.  


Seraphinite balances all chakras, to find inner balance and can realign your entire chakra system.  It can bring enlightenment, joyful energy, emotional balance and harmony to oneself.

Good Vibe Bracelet

  • My products are made from Natural Stones so there might be slight variation in size, shape, and color. The healing properties of the products remain the same. The information provided is based on people’s experience not medical advice.


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