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Step into a sun-kissed orchard, where the air is filled with the sweet aroma of Georgia Peaches. Picture yourself reaching for a plump, ripe peach, its juicy flesh bursting with flavors. As you take a bite, the tangy citrus notes awaken your taste buds, complementing the natural sweetness of the fruit. The green foliage adds a touch of freshness to the scene, while hints of vanilla and musk linger in the air, creating a velvety backdrop. Allow the essence of Georgia Peach to transport you to this idyllic setting, where the taste of summer lingers in every breath.


Prominent Notes: Juicy Peach, Citrus, Fresh Foliage, Vanilla, Musk

Georgia Peach

PriceFrom $28.00

    At Constance K, I believe in using only the best products for my customers. In a move away from petroleum-based paraffin waxes, that burn dirty, and soy waxes, which do not throw scent into the air efficiently, my blend of Coconut and Apricot waxes ensures a slow, clean burning candle that fills the room with my enchanting aromas. The candles burn at a lower temperature, allowing the therapeutic properties of my line of essential oil candles to remain intact. The fragrance oils used in my scented candles are phthalate free and are safe enough to use on the skin.


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