Everything you love about my Body Oils in a convenient, on-the-go roll-on, so you don't have to go a minute without your favorite synergy.


Carnelian Crystals - Crystal of courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, and action.  Carnelian activates the first three chakras to bring a surge of life force and creative energies.


Clear Quartz Crystals - A crystal of clarity that activates and amplifies your intention.  Also raises the energy level of any other crystals it comes into contact with.


Blending these two crystals will bring a very powerful intention!

Energizer Roll-On Body Oil Organic Love-ly Red Carnelian, Clear Quartz Crystals

SKU: ARM5037
  • *Jojoba Oil (Simmodsia chinensis,  Rose (Rosa damascene) , Sandalwood (Santalum sp.), Tangerine (Citrus reticulate)